Grace and Faith

By Jim Allen | April 4, 2012

One Hope of Escape

Grace and faith are inseparable doctrines in the Bible. A believer cannot have faith without grace. Why do some believe the gospel and others do not? How does one come into possession of grace and faith?

The Hymn of the Pied Piper

By Jim Allen | April 11, 2012
There is a new player in the church mimicking the Pied Piper, a fictional character from the Middle Ages. This Pied Piper is real and dangerous, playing a tune that will cajole, capture, and lead many away never to return.

Did God Sink the Titanic?

By Jim Allen | April 25, 2012
Titanic was literally torn in half by unimaginable forces and strewn over a wide area, a scene strongly suggesting God’s divine wrath was unleashed that fateful night to undo the arrogance of prideful men.

Ancient Aliens

By Jim Allen | June 7, 2012

Myth, Truth or Deception?

Ancient aliens are more than a theory in the mind of Von Daniken, the author of Ancient Astronauts. The author views his theories as fact based on irrefutable evidence. How should Christians view theories that deny the word of God? Read More

Making a Difference

By Jim Allen | June 21, 2012
While many evangelicals attend church and do good works, most of them appear indifferent to the Great Commission. If believers are commissioned to carry the light of the Gospel, why are so few doing it? Read More

When Men Don’t Want God

By Jim Allen | September 11, 2012
The United States is being torn in half by unimaginable forces originating from conflicting ideologies. Is this chasm a prelude to God’s divine wrath now unleashed on the arrogance of prideful men? Read More