Super Bowl Sunday

By Jim Allen | January 8, 2013
Believers are told there is nothing wrong with attending or watching a sporting event, provided we give it the right priority. But if a believer longs for the day of Super Bowl game, is this an idol of the heart? Read More

Beautiful is the Heart of a Child

By Jim Allen | January 16, 2013
The reality of a “lifetime of care” for a special needs child is a huge commitment in both time and money. During these difficult times, is it proper to question God’s goodness? Read More

The Sum of All Fears

By Jim Allen | January 23, 2013
There is one test set before every believer that is the same: overcoming fear. The good news has always been that believers need not fear because God’s plan for us is peace, protection, and a future with hope. Read More

When Men Praise Evil

By Jim Allen | February 19, 2013
In the last days, evil will prevail over good. All kinds of sinful behavior will become commonplace and embraced by many. Will looking upon these sins with approval become the “in-thing” in America? Read More

The Promise of Freedom in Christ

By Jim Allen | March 8, 2013
God buried our heavy burden of sin in the depths of the deepest sea. Remorse, sorrow, and infirmity have no claim on the believer’s life. We have a promise of freedom from sin, which is freedom in Christ. But what does it look like? Read More

Bullies Among Us

By Jim Allen | March 22, 2013
When evil minds seek amusement from torturing the innocent? Read More

Is easy believism biblical?

By Jim Allen | June 27, 2013
While some believers come into a full, abundant, and purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ, others seem to struggle from day-to-day just to believe and obey the Gospel. Is taking up your cross and following Jesus really that hard? Read More

Examine Yourself

By Jim Allen | July 2, 2013
The Bible instructs us to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. How do we examine ourselves? Read More

The Importance of the New Covenant

By Jim Allen | July 22, 2013
To refuse to teach the New Covenant, sealed with Christ’s blood, is to refuse to teach the Gospel. Read More

Rating the Church

By Jim Allen | August 26, 2013
People tend focus on where they should worship, what music they should sing, and how the worship experience looks to other people. Is focusing on these things missing the point about true worship (John 4:24) Read More