The Apostasy of Contemplative Prayer

By Jim Allen | May 20, 2014
Churches, lacking a foundational view of the true gospel, are encouraging believers to participate in contemplative prayer. Is this another form of apostasy to deceive the unguarded heart? Read More

Spiritual Abuse is Alive and Well

By Jim Allen | June 17, 2014
The Bible has strong warnings for church leaders who engage in spiritual abuse, the mistreatment of innocent souls. What is this warning to the abuser? What and how should the church handle the abusive brethern among us? Read More

Escaping a Fallen World

By Jim Allen | August 11, 2014
This world is taking on a darker persona with an even more menacing theme. We were never meant to live in a fallen world like this one, not for an instant. Is there escape from the reality of this world? Read More

Terror Unleashed

By Jim Allen | August 18, 2014
The realization of the Islamic terrorists ambition means all humanity could be placed under Sharia Law. What is being done to stop it? Read More

Lifeboats and the Fear of Witnessing

By Jim Allen | August 25, 2014
Most believers do not bother sharing the gospel with their neighbor for a variety of reasons. Why do believers have a fear of witnessing? Read More

Is carnal Christianity a deception?

By Jim Allen | October 15, 2014
There is a false gospel sweeping through Christendom powerful enough to damn more souls to hell than any other form of deception. It is known as the false gospel of carnal Christianity. Read More

Are you living on borrowed faith?

By Jim Allen | October 29, 2014
As the end of this age approaches, many believers have a faith that looks to the words of others to light their path. What does it mean to live on borrowed faith? Read More

Think Differently from the World

By Jim Allen | December 1, 2014
Apple’s ad campaign said those who think differently can change the world. Christians change the world by rejecting what the world has to offer. Can’t think much more differently than that. Read More

Should Jesus be in the movies?

By Jim Allen | December 31, 2014
Should Jesus be portrayed in movies? Not if He is only shown as a teacher, a prophet, and a morally upright man. Read More