Who is Jesus?

By Jim Allen | May 28, 2015
People may know many Bible stories but when asked, “Who is Jesus,” they struggle to define him beyond the usual clichés. Read More

Are faith healings real or phony?

By Jim Allen | May 18, 2015
Jesus performed healings to prove he was Messiah and gifted the Apostles to heal as well. If healings were never the focus of his ministry, should they be ours? Read More

Liberals Love to Hate Christians

By Jim Allen | May 11, 2015
Liberals hate Christians because we give them reason to do so. The problem is professing believers really are hypocrites parading as followers of Christ while wallowing in sin. Will living a perfect life change the liberals’ hate for Christians? Read More

Faith to Believe

By Jim Allen | March 30, 2015
People know they need to believe the Gospel but do not always have enough faith to believe they have been delivered. Why? Read More

Brokenness of Spirit

By Jim Allen | March 18, 2015
People know they need to believe the Gospel but do they know saving faith follows brokenness of spirit? Read More

Standing in the Winner’s Circle

By Jim Allen | March 3, 2015
Secretariat was the 1973 Triple Crown Winner that was expected to do the unimaginable. How is God asking us to do the same? Read More

The Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Truth

By Jim Allen | February 10, 2015
God cares for the short-lived flower growing from the trash. How much more He cares for the beautiful truth lived out in gentle and quiet lives. Read More

Chrislam – Deception in the Church

By Jim Allen | January 7, 2015
Can Christianity and Islam join as one faith? Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3) Read More