This ‘Ole Car

Great is Thy faithfulness, my Lord and my God! Lamentations 3:22-23

Great is thy faithfulness is the golden theme of promise from Genesis to Revelation. How can a fading memory of an old car bring glory to our faithful God?

Poem by Bob Overstreet


Lord God, I’m like an antique car! As I age, I know I’m wearing down – More often tune-ups, more often repairs. Just more care is needed to keep me moving!

I’m in the shop more often than not. Check-ups are routine to know what’s wrong. My paint’s getting chipped, spots are showing. I’m just not like what I used to be!

So far no major overhauls’ taken place, But I’ve suffered accidents that’ve slowed me down. It’s not that I’m ready to retire as junk, But sometimes that does look quite inviting.

One day You’ll perform a miracle on me. One day this car will be laid to rest. One day my motor will just stop running. Then, Alleluia, You’ll totally redesign me.

A new motor, new fenders, new parts all over, I’ll shine in Your presence – a new creation. I’ll then drive everywhere, praising Your Name, Sharing the news I’ve been totally remade.

Grant that this car may just keep going, Just plugging along till You call me home. I may move slower, with croaks and groans, But my motor’s purring on heavenly fuel!

Lord God, You’ve given me only one life – One life on earth to proclaim Your goodness. In this one life I seek Your praise – Thinking, doing, saying only what pleases You.

I know the best’s yet straight ahead. The route’s been traced by Your own hand. Through stormy weather, up high mountains, Through deserts at times, I know You’re with me.

My path’s been laid out by Your AAA. Road maps You’ve given to guide my way. Rest stops are many, and very much needed. At last one day I’ll arrive at Your throne.

No more flat tires, no more turn-ups, I’ll then possess a glorious body – Your glory within, evident without. All will then know I’m heavenly made.

My license will bear a divine registration – One that’ll never need renewing! Then I’ll find rest as I move into Your presence. On, glorious day – I long for that eternal rest.

My car shall then bear a brand new name – One that supersedes all others on earth: “I’m God’s forever” ‘ll be stamped on my body. Dateless I’ll be as I shine in Your presence.

Thank You, Lord God, for this ‘old car. Thank You for years I’ve driven on earth. Each one’s been filled with Your great favor. Great is Thy faithfulness, my Lord and my God. Amen and Amen.

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