Loving and Forgiving

By Jim Allen | June 5, 2017
Radicalism is filling the world with terrorist threats and attacks. But we can follow the examples of Jesus, Stephen, and Christians around the world in forgiving and loving our enemies. Read More

The Midnight Cry

By Jim Allen | March 27, 2017
The pope’s call for ecumenicalism doesn’t mean Catholicism will be the one-world religion, but it does serve as a warning that the end times are coming. Read More

Taking the Yoke of Jesus

By Jim Allen | March 6, 2017
Jesus calls us to be yoked to Him — to join in His work and trust His guidance and leadership. Then we show He is Lord over our lives. Read More

Simple Trust

By Jim Allen | January 31, 2017
We should forever be amazed at dogs. They live in the moment and trust beyond understanding. We need the same simple trust in God. Read More

I Was Never Alone

By Jim Allen | January 3, 2017
I was never alone” is the phrase we hear from those who trust in the Lord with all their heart. Instead of leaning on their own understanding, they turn to God for help finding a path to safety. Read More