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The Cross within Us

Intelligent Design gives evidence of God having crafted the universe and living organisms to a high degree of complexity with operational precision going far beyond imagination. Are you aware of the cross placed within your body? Read More

Rating the Church

People tend focus on where they should worship, what music they should sing, and how the worship experience looks to other people. Is focusing on these things missing the point about true worship (John 4:24) Read More

Is easy believism biblical?

While some believers come into a full, abundant, and purposeful relationship with Jesus Christ, others seem to struggle from day-to-day just to believe and obey the Gospel. Is taking up your cross and following Jesus really that hard? Read More

When Men Praise Evil

In the last days, evil will prevail over good. All kinds of sinful behavior will become commonplace and embraced by many. Will looking upon these sins with approval become the “in-thing” in America? Read More

The Sum of All Fears

There is one test set before every believer that is the same: overcoming fear. The good news has always been that believers need not fear because God’s plan for us is peace, protection, and a future with hope. Read More